July 31, 2010


one word for me
one word for you

scenerys from Latgale again.
the nightdress - handmade from 1940'ties.

willkommen, du, regnerischer Tag!

termometra stabiņš izkaltušajā ēnā aiz loga
uzsteberējis līdz trīsdesmit diviem grādiem.

domās jaucas visu krāsu zeķubikses,
zamša zābaciņi un kažokādas cepures.

tā vien nemitīgi gribas
lietu kāds bija otrdien.

scenerys from Latgale again.
i spent ten days there while i was wisiting my frend Beth in her countryside.

catch in the actt: the lake of silent waters

few shoots
our indiana games

The Broken Sail and some kind of a random indian

 random indian trying to idolize God of the rain

loving the indian with
feathers in her hair

this was a game called self-suggestion.
photos of us by us. copyright wasn't important, but, please, don't use without permission. scenerys from Latgale - the south of Latvia.
oh, yes - i'm the indian with the curly bob.  Beth is the long one, Reb - the one with shorts and long blond hair.

July 30, 2010

to read

books i've read in last 6 months:
  • Silvijas Rannamās "Kadrija"
  • Ērika Marija Remarka "Laiks dzīvot un laiks mirt"
  • Teodora Dreizera "Māsa Kerija"
  • Regīnas Ezeras "Cilvēkam vajag suni"
  • Aleksandra Čaka "Spēle ar dzīvību"
  • Viļa Plūdoņa "Atraitnes dēls"
  • Agatas Kristī "Austrumu ekspresis''
  • Agatas Kristī "Mis Mārplas pēdējās lietas"
  • Anšlava Eglīša "Pansija pilī"
books i'd love to read:
  • Džeinas un Hugo van Laviki - Gudolu "Bezvainīgie slepkavas"
  • Paula Koelja "Kā aizplūstošā upe"
  • "Meistars un Margarita"
  • "Mehāniskais Apelsīns"
  • "Dekamerons"
  • Hermaņa Hesa "Stepes vilks", "Narciss un Zeltamute", "Sidharts"
  • Džordža Orvela "Dzīvnieku ferma"

would you like to supplement my list of have-to-read books with your favourites?
as you see, i'm mostly reading latvian books, translations in Latvian and infrequently - books in English.

July 23, 2010

ahead of schedule

(photos of me by Beth, photos of Beth - by me)
we both have bygone hairdos here - these photos aren't fresh.

Leave our excellent souls

Head for the coast

Leave our excellent souls

Everything goes


July 12, 2010


(our German friends from Bremen visiting us in Riga, two weeks ago)

it's still a sultriness here.
sometimes i worship gods for rain.
it's so hot, than we have to take a siesta like in Italy or spent all day in a lake/river/ the sea.

i don't know if the glow affects analogue electronics too ;)
but my Zenit is starting to limp.

so, sorry, some of the photos i've boded are damaged or gone.
you can see the best shoots above and realize crux of the matter.

i'll take some photos repeatedly (it would take time),
but the most of them are like irretrievable loss.

July 7, 2010

cherrys /models.rhythm

a pair

a happy mutant

i don't actually know, will you understand this.
(but i'm afraid of saying too much.)
cherrys are a widely known symbol.

July 6, 2010

roses on colonel Deer's street

(model: my friend Beth)

last day's we where practising surviving in Andalusia and city environment's wilderness.
but tonight the heaven is crying. that little bit of nature, what's hidden, is geting animated again.

tomorrow we will get acquainted with each blossom in the park.

summer solstice

as you may know,
summer solstice is a big fete in Latvia.

you may also know that the rising generation
(like me and my equals in age)
is pretty slothfuf, in contradistinction to our parents, grandparents and olders.

so, here's the way we spended the day of summer solstice till it got dark (and the real fun started).

(photos of my frends Niklāvs & Tija (from left) and my sister Zelda by me)
not very originative activitys.