June 7, 2010

next time -

steping trought the Old city.

steping trought dreams.

steping trought wind.

steping out of downgrade.
steping to the roofs.
steping to the sun.

i don't care, how did we fale after that,
i don't care, what the legacy looked like,

if the happiness of the moment can be so unfeigned.



P.S. Alis, we love your turtle

(all photos by Ann Dave)


Anonymous said...

tev baigi liidziigais bloga kaa annai daavei

Rute Marta Jansone said...

es nezinu, kas mums ir līdzīgs,
bet šīs ir Annas bildes. un mēs esam lieliskas draudzenes.

Zum zum said...

man patīk tās bildes, ļoti. sirsnīgas.

Rute Marta Jansone said...

prieks ;)