May 31, 2010

on the platform

these are Alex and Michael.

thursday, the day we went to watch the third film about teenage problems (actually there was just adult problems there, in the third film) in "kino Riga".

tā bija galīgi nebaudāma filma.
ja tu grasies noskatīties kādu no tām.
izvēlies pirmo.

and we will be OK.

May 30, 2010

s is for the sea

this is the last dream i had.
pretty real.

actully we drove to Sārnate,

the sea is telling stories again,
  whitethorns are blooming.

May 9, 2010


when we where jounger,
we used to bury dead butterflies and drangonflies.

but yesterday a bird died.
he broke his wings while flied against traffic.

got milk?

my brother Ru drinking milk.


these are my granny's new puppys.
gawkiness and naivete.

(all photos of me here are made by Ann)

sometimes i think, that it would be so easy to be someone else.
a puppy.
a poppy.
or anything.

but maybe art is to be yourself.

oh, never mind those reflection.
it was a great and sunny day in countryside.

and this was a great and sunny day in JRRMV
when i hungered of this.

run, run to meet your happiness.

May 7, 2010

don't decorate - comunikate!

last Friday there was a forum at my art school.
"Don't decorate - comunikate!"
we had to make an thematic object
with interesting shadow.

and so we made few shadow-puppet theatre dolls.
this is one of them - the smallest, made by Reb.

and this is our drawing-pins.

from right - made by Reb,
from left - made by me.

we exchanged them.

and here is her.
my beloved Reb.

early spring

(me by Beth)

these are the first warm day's of spring in April.

sometimes it feels like everybody's and enything's blossoming.
people are sunny, theyr ideas shine.

just mine aren't so brilliant...

(Beth by me in the most sunniest Tuesday)
(Zīle and Paula with sunny ideas by me)

hundred years ago in haze

these are pictures of the beginning of April.
it was foggy, dark and cool.

we walked from the bench-show in Ķīpsala
to the center of city over the river Daugava.

Alis and Mincīts (the Kitty/Arnis) where brilliant
as always (;

May 3, 2010

what am i?

(photo and the design by Ann)
whatever am i,
whatever i am to you,
don't dream me up