April 29, 2010

Pushkin with children's eyes

this is my graphic in mixed technique for a russian competition - "Pushkin with children's eyes".

there's a girl looking trought a kaleidoscope
at him.

and here are some ways I print one cliche:

P.S. if someones interested - these and other prints are for sale.
so, you can e-mail me and i'll define the sizes and other stuff more exactly.

April 21, 2010

four in a box

(a photo of me, Beth, Reb and Klavs by photo-booth)

Da es sehr
für die
Gesundheit ist,
habe ich
glücklich zuscein.

P.S. vielen Dank, Ieva, fur die wunder Postkarten ;)

April 2, 2010

slow motion

(last week there was a little trouble with the camera - the knob who rewind stills was stuck, so now i have some great / damaged photos)
when you talk, time stops and the world live in slow motion.

April 1, 2010

fabric 008

last friday we decided to visit the old, derelict fabric near our school.
that was like a strange journey trouhgt the past of this building - unattended notes, old posters, shoes, dishes and the interiour with the disaster of wind, snow and sun.

(photo of me by my friend Beth)
after going there with my classmates, i went there with few friends.
i wanted to share those feelings.
(this is Rihard with his guitar Amelie (yes, she's got a name))
the bohemian way of life was after us, wherever we went, wasn't it?
   and so time flies.
minutes and minutes.
hours and hours.

Strong Mint

(my friends - Beth and Alex)
two months ago i met a new, cool music band -
Strong Mint.
(push it push it push it push it push it)
this may be some kind of advertisement.
the band consists of Aleksis, Jānis, Rihards and Miķelis.

actually, a new world of music.

(Strong Mint by me)