March 21, 2010

still graphic, still nothing's going on

(photo of my by my friend Reb)

well, here i am.
thoughts make my head angular.

(photo by me)

es zinu ka šogad mēs jaunu
Indiju neatklāsim
dzērves lido uz vienu pusi
un tāpēc veidojas kāsis

es zinu ka pelēks ir pelēks
es zinu ka balts ir balts
es zinu ka Latvijā
rudens ir lietains
bet pavasaris
ir salts

dzērves lido uz vienu pusi
tāpēc veidojas kāši
bet kāpēc tā nelidojam
mēs paši
mēs paši
mēs paši


(photo by me)

this is my latest work.
method - monothipy



(my dad)

i was in Bremen for three days last week.
it's easy  to freeze to death in this kind of winter.

''picnic in Antractida''.

this is one of greatest parks i've ever seend.
i imagen, how does it look in summer. oh

talk to me

-blablabla bla bla

-lolo,llololo love

-waovaouwhauu uuu !
model: my little sister Zelda