February 19, 2010


this is my last work in graphic.
black printed linocut.

if you look carefully,
you may say that,
my left eye is the Moon
and the birthmark - a star.

oh. maybe it's just a dream.

time flies, we're moving fast

(photos of me by my friend Beth)

- tērējam dienas kā cigaretes, kā vēstuļpapīru, kā ledenes

February 15, 2010

across the universe

dream all the stars upon you.

wather-colour painting by me

February 12, 2010

a swing

i wish i had swings here, near my home.
i would sway all the time.

and swing all the troubles away.

my sister Zelda Viktorija Jansone one month ago in Jurmala

February 6, 2010

my home in the succession of the seasons

november 2009
december 2009
january 2010
the day when the white frost fairytale appeared

i catched my self photographing the panorama out of my window film after film - one shoot in each film.
and today i decided to start a photo project.
i'll shoot this view weekly.
like i done it before
and colect those pictures.
later i'll post a dozen in one day
(maybe after a year)

it'll be really interesting to watch the succession of the seasons.
and the way the old factory's chimney stands in eternity while the factory is breaking down.
and the way time goes.

actually, i would be glad to do such thing with peolpe too.
but everybodys too busy.
help. be the one.

time goes.

feed your birds

let those birds in your stomach fly away.
but don't forget to feed them on alternate days.

February 5, 2010

a thousand prongs

it was white frost some time ago.

it was really beautiful.
 my mums says that this is the most beautiful winter in ten years.
 like in the year (1996) when i was born. 

 if winters would always be like this,
 i would like to be a tree.

 theyr raiment was fairy.
 but only for three days.

then came the whind.
and blowed all the fairytale away.

P.S. my English is too bad to describe my feelings, thoughts and mysterys. but i would love to.
please, enjoy it the way, it is. i endeavoured c: