November 19, 2009

like now

now it's the same like it was.
just different people.
just different places.
just different age.

but identical feeling.

November 15, 2009

strange things happen

sorry that i haven't posted anything this week and that one before it.

if you're not informated - i'm sick.
but unfortunately i can't sit in this chair and use this computer.
you may ask WHY?
cause my mum.

but i can show you, how dangerous is my precious computer c:

so, this is Ann, using it. last week

and this is Paul, using it. last summer

they both are under hypnosis.
thats in their faces.

don't you think it's kind of strange?

November 6, 2009

Photo shooting at 8 p.m.

we are.
so quiet.

spiritless faces.
sleep in our lids.

she whanted to shoot me.
but i was first.


sly as two foxes.
dreamy as two leafs of maple.

she shot me.

oh. but it wasn't so painful at all.

November 3, 2009


i'm so tired.
tired, tired, tired

my favourite sound is silence.
i could speak so quietly, that only the fox can hear me.
actualy, i'm even afraid of talking loud.

silence is beneficial.

sometimes i think, that silence is like the first snowfall - awaited and wonderfull.
and imagine. sounds are like sloppy steps in that white fairytale.

the song who didn't read this.


-what's your favourite, Ruth? someone asked

i don't know any more.
i can't make a choice.
but despite everything

whats you're favourite writer?